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ARABIA SAUDITA Una nuova cultura che renda inaccettabile la violenza


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    • dogs and cats are beatiful i got confused while i am reading the report a bout ban on selling cats and dogs i will try to write a new thing a bout owning cats and dogs in islamic concept , i will ignore what fanatics thing and believe a bout having animals a round?? later i will discuse it in details

      علي سليمان النزاوي 19:06 PM

    • once i was emmbarresd by my child I never ownd a dog but when i was a child i have many cats, the last one died when i was in high school i felt so sad to loose my cat he was so beatiful. the reason why i never had a dog beacuse when we are studying in school teachear used to tell us that saliva and sweat of dogs are unclean the said that prophet mohammed said when you toutch a dog or play with a dog(you need to clean your hands seven time with water and the last one with sand)in this matter we

      Ali nazawi 19:05 PM